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  • Policy: National

    Bill C-234

    Carbon pricing drives farmers’ food production costs even higher. While some industries can pass production costs to consumers, a large amount of Canadian food production is exported and attracts the international price where carbon pricing doesn’t apply. This makes Canadian farmers less competitive in the international market and threatens the viability of Canadian agriculture. At Alberta Canola, we support Bill-C234 and its proposal to remove the carbon pricing on heating fuels used on farms.

    Status: This bill is currently being discussed in the House of Commons regarding the amendments proposed by the senate.

  • Policy: National

    Bill C-282

    Bill C-282 runs counter to Canada’s long-standing trade policy and will hurt Canada during trade negotiations. Through legislation, this bill restricts Canada’s ability to make decisions and contradicts the government’s objective of achieving comprehensive trade outcomes. Alberta Canola supports the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) taking a lead role to oppose the bill.

    Status: This bill is currently subject to debate at the Senate. 

  • Policy: National

    C-47 Extended Interswitching

    Extended interswitching is a measure which gives shippers who are physically located on a single rail line the ability to seek competing service from the next closest railway within a certain distance. This balances negotiations in a way that encourages better service and pricing for the benefit of entire supply chains.

    Status: Extended interswitching measures in Bill C-47 have been passed – a win for Canadians. Further advocacy efforts are ongoing to extend the duration of the extended interswitching pilot currently in place.

  • Policy: Alberta Canola

    Canola and Education

    There is a growing disconnect between consumers and the origin of their food.

    Ask: Establish an agriculture and natural resources education advisory group that will work on entrenching agricultural education in Alberta’s K-12 curriculum.

    Status: This is still in discussion with the government.

  • Policy: Alberta Canola

    Canola and Land Use Change

    Prime agricultural land should be used to grow food.  

    Status: The government will use an agriculture first approach when making decisions relating to the use of agricultural lands proposed for renewables development – a win for Albertan farmers.

  • Policy: Alberta Canola

    Canola and Pests

    Unpredictable access to crop protection tools hinders farmers’ abilities to control pests and produce food.

    Ask: Advocate for science-based evaluations of crop protection tools at the federal level.

    Status: This is still in discussion with the government.