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The Grower Engagement & Extension Committee is committed to providing resources to help Alberta’s canola growers in the production and marketing of their canola, along with information that will help their farm operations succeed. 

Engagement at Alberta Canola means actively seeking feedback and input from growers. The series of annual Grower Engagement Meetings held each November & December and the Alberta Canola Conference & Research Symposium are key opportunities for growers to directly engage with the directors and staff.

The Grower Engagement & Extension Committee also ensures that all canola growers in Alberta are informed of Alberta Canola’s activities, financial health, governing regulations and the opportunities that exist for eligible producers to actively participate in the commission including director nominations, director elections, voting on resolutions at the Annual General Meeting, or becoming a regional director.

Committee Objectives:

  • Ensure growers are aware of the activities, programs, and partnerships that all committees of Alberta Canola are involved in
  • Ensure eligible producers are aware of opportunities to participate directly in the commission including director nominations and elections, regional engagement opportunities, and voting at the annual general meetings
  • Provide access to information and resources related to agronomy, marketing, and farm management
  • Create opportunities for growers to be directly engaged with Alberta Canola’s directors, staff, and partners