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Alberta Canola is committed to funding research projects that help farmers succeed, whether it’s finding better ways to grow canola, investigating new uses and health benefits for canola oil, or promoting the use of canola meal in livestock feed rations.

Comprised of five directors, the Alberta Canola research committee oversees and evaluates research proposals to ensure they benefit canola farmers. They also help identify our research priorities and engage with funded scientists to stay up to date with current research.

Research Committee objectives:

  • Find sustainable and efficient ways to grow and use canola in Alberta
  • Find best practices for pest management and other production problems facing growers
  • Support, connect, and engage with researchers—both public and private
  • Find research gaps and fund research in those areas

Access the research results

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission has invested millions of dollars into agronomic research—and we want the results to be accessible to anyone. Since the Canola Council of Canada coordinates many of the research projects we fund in collaboration with our partners, the research is integrated into the following delivery platforms:

Canola Research Hub

Provides unprecedented, single-point access to canola research

Canola Watch

Delivers the latest agronomic information to the canola grower’s inbox

Canola Digest

Includes an issue mailed to Western Canadian canola growers in November

Canola Encyclopedia

Complete guide to growing canola, informed by the latest research