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Through educational programs, the development of educational resources, and participation at conferences or within the classroom, Alberta Canola brings awareness to the benefits of canola, the necessity of producers, and the countless agricultural job opportunities. Students across all grades and applicable subjects should be able to access effective classroom resources on agricultural topics.

Agriculture is one of the largest global economic drivers—and the 20 million acres of canola grown in Canada drives $29.9 billion in economic activity. Educating students from K-12 about agriculture and connecting curriculum to science, math, social studies, English language arts, environmental studies, and courses under the Career and Technology Studies sets the next generation up to meet the demand for an experienced agricultural workforce and to enter promising careers as producers, agrologists, researchers or equipment technicians. We are working to open conversations with the Ministry of Education to build agriculture-focused curriculum in the Alberta Program of Studies, and we will continue to promote innovation, sustainability, and global food security.

Learn Canola

Learn Canola is a newly designed, intuitive website for educators to access helpful books, learning resources and links to a wide range of topics relating to canola, and facts on sustainable canola farming, cooking, and canola byproducts. It’s also a great tool to find activities for children from K-12 that connect canola and agriculture with curriculum across numerous fields of study.

Attending conferences, professional development days, career fairs, and aggie day events are opportunities for Alberta Canola to connect with students, teachers, and parents through conversations, presentations, and resource development; events such as the CTECH Conference, the ATA Science Teachers Council Conference, EPIC Day in Lethbridge, Innisfail Aggie Days, and Outstanding in the Filed in Brooks.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Journey 2050

An inquiry-based online game that helps students discover the challenges to global food supply. They learn how difficult it is to sustainably feed the world, as well as the impacts society, the environment, and the economy have on producers and food production. Users learn about farming from around the globe, the importance of adopting best practices, environmental impacts, the benefit of improved societal metrics, such as access to education, medical services, and community infrastructure.

Classroom Agriculture Program

Ag4Life’s Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) provides grade 4 curriculum focused resources and activities that teaches students the value of agriculture and producers and introduces numerous roles and careers in the agriculture industry.

Know Your Food Trailer

The Know Your Food Trailer puts the rubber to the road and drives Junior and Senior High focused agricultural resources and information to schools across Alberta. This Ag4Life program provides the opportunity for students and teachers to learn about where their food comes from.

Project Agriculture

Project Agriculture is a website that offers a vast array of teaching resources from K-12. It provides opportunities to explore agricultural themes, topics, issues and challenges in local and global contexts and encourages students to interact with each other, their school community, farmers and content experts.

Inside Education

Inside Education’s mission is to, “support teachers and inspire students to better understand the science, technology, and issues related to our environment and natural resources”, as well teach today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Explore teaching resources, field trips, hands on activities, personal development opportunities and youth summits and grants.


Designed for K-12 learners, ChatterHigh is a digital learning tool that uses engaging activities to help students explore numerous career opportunities beyond high school. This learning website helps students succeed by raising their awareness for life after high school.

Join Chase and Amelia Duffy on their many fun-filled adventures in the Chase comics, educational resources, and activities as they learn about food, agriculture, and canola.