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Whether it’s inside or outside the classroom, Alberta Canola’s mandate is to promote canola provincially and nationally, and to educate the public on its benefits. Our goal is to increase Canadian demand for canola through the National Canola Marketing Program (NCMP), seek advantageous program sponsorships, and connect with educators and students through our educational website, social media, and accessible classroom resources.

The National Canola Marketing Program (NCMP) was established to promote market development activities as outlined by our respective provincial acts and to make canola knowledge, use, and support a near-universal fact.

Funded by Alberta Canola, SaskCanola, and the Manitoba Canola Growers, the program operates under a steering committee. NCMP strives to build a positive reputation for canola, shifting the Canadian mindset from apathy to love for this essential crop.

Learn Canola is Alberta Canola’s educational resource powerhouse that gives the public access to canola basics, statistics, health, cooking, the environment, careers, and insights into the agricultural industry.

This newly designed, intuitive, resource-rich website offers anyone the chance to explore books, learning resources and links to a wide range of topics relating to canola, and facts on sustainable canola farming, cooking, and canola byproducts. 

Fields to Forks

Fields to Forks, is a collaborative marketing campaign through Bell Media (CTV and iHeartRadio) giving consumers an inside look at the positive impacts agriculture has on the economy, food security, and the environment; and the passion and dedication of Alberta producers and agri-food industry, to bring us high quality food that is sustainability grown or raised.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI)

The vision of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) is to, “elevate Canada’s food system to be the most trusted in the world.” Sponsorship of this program meets our non-profit’s mandate to “build public trust in Canada’s food system by leading through transparent communication, research, and resources.

Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference is a sponsorship that provides us the opportunity to contribute, mentor, and connect with young women who are passionate about agriculture, the agri-food industry, and have chosen a career path in agriculture as a producer or in ag. industry, research, or academia.

Calgary Stampede

Every year, Alberta Canola saddles up for Calgary Stampede’s Ag-Tivity in the City exhibition. Alberta Canola gets a chance to connect with the public in this family-focused, hands-on, free agricultural zone within the Nutrien building. It’s not only a fun stop for kids – with the seed bin, characters, and giveaways, but it’s also an amazing place for the local and global community to have conversations about canola.

Hungry for more?

Canola oil is a heart-healthy, affordable option with plenty of uses in the kitchen. It’s low in saturated fat and high in plant-based omega-3 fats.