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Building public trust is the focus of the public engagement and promotions committee at Alberta Canola. Our goal is to support, guide, and implement actions to create, build, and maintain positive relationships between producers and stakeholders, especially consumers.

The committee addresses agricultural issues that could affect public trust and the canola market share and connects producers to end consumers through determinative programming, effective marketing and sponsorships, educational approaches at events and conferences, and campaigning for more agriculture in the classroom.

Committee objectives: 

  • Increase Canadian awareness and demand for canola by supporting the National Canola Marketing Program’s (NCMP) vision to, “in three years, have Canadian consumers like canola, choose canola, and support canola famers”, and supporting their mission to “strategically invest farmer funds to protect, sustain, and grow the Canadian canola market”
  • Promote and educate the public on canola within the province
  • Connect with educators and students about the benefits of canola through accessible, effective classroom resources—for all grades and applicable subjects—relevant to the Alberta Program of Studies

Alberta Canola Gives Back to the Community

One vital way Alberta Canola builds trusted relationships is by giving back to the community by supporting educational sponsorships through the University of Alberta and the Advancing Women in Agriculture Program, as well as programs such as Project North of 60.

Project North of 60 is an annual food security program that sends essential supplies in sea containers to people living in poverty in Canada’s remote, Arctic communities north of the 60th parallel.

With food insecurity being an issue for many families in Canada, especially northern indigenous communities, Alberta Canola also donates cases of canola oil to Project North of 60 and the Alberta Food Bank for food banks across Alberta through the Canola Gives Back Program.

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