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Projects & Results

Volatile-based trapping and management of flea beetles

Project Details

Lead Researcher(s)

Dr. Maya Evenden


Dr. Meghan Vankosky, Dr. Boyd Mori

Funding Partners


April 2024 - March 2027


The Challenge

Flea beetles are an annual issue in canola grown on the Canadian Prairies. Development of a semiochemical-based system to monitor flea beetles could reduce time and effort pend monitoring in the field.

The Project

This project examines the use of synthetic copies of plant and insect-produced volatile signals (semiochemicals) as attractants to monitor and manage flea beetles on Canadian Prairies. This research aims to lay the foundation for the development of semiochemical-based formulations that directly manage flea beetles through proof of concept of flea beetle attraction to a sprayable, attract-and-kill formulation.

The Results

This section will be updated upon completion of the project.

Grower Benefits

This project could benefit growers through developing new methods to both monitor and control flea beetles.


Flea beetles