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Projects & Results

Transition from Prairie Canola Agronomy Research Program (PCARP) to Science Cluster

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January 2008 - January 2012


  1. Elucidating factors affecting canola emergence
  2. Rotation and environmental impact on canola biodiesel quality
  3. Risk mitigation strategies in high-frequency canola rotations
  4. Maximum canola yield – high input study
  5. Conserving natural enemies of canola insect pests
  6. Competitiveness of canola hybrids
  7. Input study – canola/barley accumulated effects
  8. Canola/barley N dynamics and greenhouse gases
  9. Improving canola yield and quality through phosphorus efficiency
  10. Survey and evaluation of soil-micro-organisms for control of clubroot on canola
  11. Development of bio-climatic models to forecast potential distribution and severity of clubroot in Western Canada
  12. Integrating drift reduction with canola agronomy; Hybrid canola N uptake; Agronomy of Camelina sativa; N use efficiency in canola


PCARP, Science Cluster