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Improving lygus management for current canola and faba bean cultivars

Lead Researcher Héctor Cárcamo
Co-Researcher(s) Darren Bruhjell, Jennifer Otani, Jim Broatch, Neil Harker
Start Date April 2013
End Date March 2016
Funding Partners ACIDF, Alberta Pulse Growers
Status Complete

The Challenge

As canola acres increase, lygus is becoming a more perennial pest. Without solid economic thresholds, there is an increased environmental footprint when managing Lygus due to the use of insecticides.

The Project

Validate thresholds by assessing lygus feeding on key canola cultivars and compare their responses to feeding starting at the bud stage.

The Results

The current economic threshold for lygus at 1 per sweep is too low. Depending on environmental conditions (heat and moisture), 2-3 lygus per sweep is more likely correct.

Grower Benefits

Reassessing the economic threshold for Lygus bugs on herbicide-tolerant canola cultivars, growers can decrease their environmental footprint while reducing the cost of production and maintaining high yields.

Keywords: Lygus, Insect threshold, Insecticide, Faba beans

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