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Development and implementation of a weather-based, near-real-time, crop insect pest monitoring/prediction model and program for Alberta

Lead Researcher Daniel Itenfisu
Co-Researcher(s) David Clarke, Huamei Yin, Pawel Pytlak, Scott Meers, Shelley Barkley, Swaroop Kher
Start Date April 2014
End Date March 2018
Funding Partners N/A
Status Complete

The Challenge

Management strategies for insects typically have a reactionary response to damage due to spring being a busy time for growers. Having a better insect predictor model based on the weather for insect management throughout Alberta would be a very beneficial tool for the grower and environment.

The Project

Develop a provincial weather-based near real-time crop insect-pest monitoring and prediction model, initially focussing on the Bertha Armyworm, Wheat Midge and Alfalfa Weevil.

The Results

The results of the models for the three pests and their natural enemies have been integrated and coded to create the AB-WIPP (Alberta Weather-based Insect Pest Prediction) mobile-friendly web pages available at the Alberta Climate Information Services (ACIS) website. Producers, entomologists, and agriculture field people will be sought after for feedback and validation on model and web application.

Grower Benefits

By accessing the website (, growers and industry people can easily discover information on the risk/threat, life cycle, outbreak cycles and more in their area on Bertha Armyworm, Wheat Midge and Alfalfa Weevil.

Keywords: Bertha Armyworm, Wheat Midge, Alfalfa Weevil. Weather, Prediction model, Pest prediction model, ACIS

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