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Canadian Agricultural Partnership – Canola Science Cluster Theme 7

Lead Researcher Dilantha Fernando, Gary Peng, Hossein Borhan, Mario Tenuta, Sheau-Fang Hwang, Stephen Strelkov
Co-Researcher(s) N/A
Start Date April 2019
End Date March 2023
Funding Partners Canola Council of Canada, SaskCanola
Status Ongoing

The Project

Maintaining Canola Supply and Trade: Blakckleg and Verticillium Management

  • Maintain economic growth by reducing  threats to the value chain
  • Trait development and crop management strategies to reduce the incidence and severity of blackleg for the sustainability of the canola industry
  • Increase knowledge and develop management practices for the new pathogen verticillium
  • Maintain positive trade relationships with international customers


Activity 2 – Developing a robust system for efficient assessment of quantitative resistance (QR) in commercial canola lines and varieties for blackleg management

Activity 3 & 4 – Developing tools for the rapid screening of canola germplasm for quantitative resistance to blackleg disease

Activity 5 – Understanding the critical infection window that causes blackleg of canola in western Canada

Activity 6 & 7 – Fine-tuning of the blackleg yield loss model in canola

Activity 8 – Fungicide sensitivity in Leptosphaeria maculans: Evaluation of the present situation

Activity 9 & 10 – Improving management of blackleg on canola via better flea-beetle control and effective fungicide seed treatment in western Canada

Activity 11 & 12 – Improving blackleg resistance durability through R-gene rotation in commercial fields on the Canadian prairies – a science-based stewardship program

Activity 13 & 14 – Genetic dissection of the Rlm 3-4-7-9 blackleg R gene cluster and KASP marker improvement

Activity 15 – Verticillium disease etiology and nursery

Activity 16 & 17 – Genetics and genomics of B. napusV. longisporum interaction

Activity 18 – Verticillium disease management

Keywords: Blackleg, Quantitative resistance, R genes, Resistance breakdown, Leptosphaeria maculans, L. maculans, Major gene resistance, Verticillium, V. longisporum

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