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When we connect with people beyond our circles, we bring awareness and become aware, we talk through misconceptions, and work towards building positive relationships.

Alberta Canola has spent much of the past few months on the road connecting with teachers, students, and parents at events across the province.

At student-focused events, such as Outstanding in the Field, we discussed canola and provided students with a hands-on experiment crushing canola seeds. This experience allows young learners to discover firsthand where the golden, heart healthy oil comes from. We also partnered with The Alberta Pulse Growers to attend Evolve – the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Conference and the Alberta Teachers Association Science Council Conference.

These educator-focused events provide the opportunity to present activities, resources, and teaching strategies that tie agriculture to curriculum objectives. Educators can then bring these tools back to their classrooms across the province.

Our sponsorship of the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference took region 9 director, Christine McKee, to Calgary in March to mentor and support young women pursuing careers in agriculture. This 3-day event highlights women in agriculture and provides the opportunity for women working or interested in ag careers to network, connect, and build relationships across the agricultural industry.

In April, we took the opportunity to connect with the future workforce by attending and presenting at EPIC (Exploring Possible Industries & Careers) Day in Lethbridge. This event dedicates a day for students grade 9 to 12 to explore career possibilities and our focus this year is to feature Agrology. Alberta Canola will be joined by two agrologists – Marissa Robitaille-Balog and Autumn Barnes – who presented to and spoke with students about their role in canola production and farming. They will highlight how students can work towards a career in agrology and explain the numerous careers that can stem from the study of agriculture.

We are also excited to be sponsoring the Know Your Food Trailer and continue to build our  partnership with Ag4Life. Engaging Albertans across the province in meaningful conversations around agriculture and food production, this mobile agricultural learning experience will soon be visiting communities and schools across the province!


The Chase Duffy graphic novel series produced by Alberta Canola introduces canola, farming, and agriculture to teachers, students, and parents while making connections to curriculum across many subjects. The Chase Duffy graphic novels offer activities in numeracy, literacy, science, and health and have multiple points of connection to the Alberta Education Program of Studies for K-6 learners.

We also offer learning resources for junior and senior high school teachers that connect topics such as sustainability, biotechnology, agrology, and nutrition to curriculum, while providing teaching strategies and activities.

All educational resources are available for free and can be ordered as classroom resources at


The National Canola Marketing Program set out in the fall of 2022 to better promote canola in Canada. This joint effort between Manitoba Canola Growers Association, SaskCanola, and Alberta Canola, set out to coalesce marketing and promotional resources, to build a campaign that would increase national awareness and demand of canola and all the by-products and end uses. With the guidance and expertise of our marketing agency, we brought to life a campaign and a brand that will increase awareness, national pride, and demand for canola! A campaign to meet Canadians where they are and be relevant in their daily lives, this is our year to expand storytelling beyond food and health to celebrate all the ways that canola positively impacts us and the world. With an approach that is friendly, humble, and authentic.


The Goal: Make the knowledge of, use of, and support of Canola as a near-universal fact for all Canadians.

The Objective: Building a positive reputation for Canola by moving Canadians from apathy to love of Canola.

Look for this fully digital campaign at and @hellocanola on Instagram, Facebook, X, and YouTube.