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Big step for two Ag giants

While there’s no Tinder for business, Bunge and Viterra hope they’ve found the perfect match. The two companies announced their intent to merge in June 2023. Viterra brings more than 80 Canadian grain-handling centres to the blossoming relationship, along with sales to more than 70 nations. For its part, Bunge is the world’s largest processor of oilseeds, with 300 operations in 40 countries. Of course, with a celebrity wedding comes major scrutiny.

“Right now, Viterra and Bunge both own canola crushing facilities in Manitoba that are 75 kilometres apart,” said Schneider. “After the merger, will they still run both operations, or will one location be divested? If one is closed, it will mean more logistical challenges and greater transportation costs for those nearby farms.”

GrainsWest – Published March 5, 2024