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Notice to Growers

Alberta Canola Transitions Service Charge Administration to Levy Central.

Effective June 1, 2024, the service charge collected from farmers on canola delivered in Alberta, is being administered by Levy Central. 

The transition to Levy Central offers improved efficiencies in managing levy data and human resources. The internal administrative change will not impact canola farmers. Grain dealers licensed to buy canola will continue to collect and remit the regulated canola service charge of $1/tonne and seller information, which is now administered by Levy Central. Alberta Canola remains the contact for Alberta’s growers for all questions about the canola service charge.

The move to Levy Central coincides with the retirement of Cheryl Rossi, who administered the service charge for the Alberta Canola Producers Commission for over 33 years.

About Levy Central

Based in Saskatoon, Levy Central administered the collection of agricultural check-off levies for 10 crop commodity organizations from 538 commodity buyers valuing over $27 million in 2023/24.

Each Levy Central client is assigned a dedicated Client Service Representative who works with the commodity organizations and buyers to ensure the correct levy is collected following each of their client’s unique regulatory requirements. Levy Central provides a secure, streamlined, and real-time automated tracking system, which is exclusive to each client.