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Edmonton, AB – October 31, 2023, The call for nominations for growers to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Canola Producers Commission in Regions 2, 5, 8, and 11 closed today. This election cycle resulted in four growers being elected by acclamation for all four regions.

The four canola growers elected by acclamation are Andre Harpe from Valhalla Centre, Justin Nanninga from Neerlandia, Jeffrey Frost from Olds, and Roger Chevraux from Killam. Harpe will represent Region 2, Nanninga Region 5, Frost Region 8, and Chevraux will represent Region 11.

Immediately following the Annual General Meeting on January 24, 2024, Harpe and Chevraux will begin their third terms as directors, Nanninga will begin his second term, and Frost will begin his first term as director.

Alberta Canola directors may serve up to three consecutive terms on Alberta Canola’s Board as long as they remain an eligible producer. They are subject to the same nomination procedure for each term.

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