Research Results

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission has invested millions of dollars into agronomic research.  The results from research are carefully integrated into all delivery platforms including presentations,  the Canola Research HubCanola Watch, Canola Digest, the Canola Encyclopedia, and the Canola Diagnostic Tool.

The Canola Council of Canada coordinates many of the research projects that the Alberta Canola Producers Commission and our partners collaboratively fund.

Canola Research Hub

The Canola Council of Canada has developed the online Canola Research Hub that provides canola growers and agronomists unprecedented single point access to canola research.

canola research hub


Canola Science Digest

A special Science Issue of Canola Digest is mailed to all canola growers across the prairies in November.

2017 – read articles    download PDF

2016 – read articles    download PDF

2015 – read articles    download PDF

2014 – read articles    download PDF

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Research Funding

For 2017-18 fiscal year, Alberta Canola has committed $3,365,975 to reasearch

As of March 2018, 13 new projects have been approved with Alberta Canola investing $1,167, 189.

For every $1 that Alberta Canola has committed, there is an additional $2.88 of partner funding.

How does the Alberta Canola attract research proposals? Alberta Canola participates in the Alberta Ag Funding Consortium, a round table of funding agencies that has developed a common call for proposals, and the Canola Agronomic Research Program (CARP) which is a targeted call for canola agronomy projects in conjunction with SaskCanola, the Manitoba Canola Growers and the Canola Council of Canada. This allows for maximum exposure to both researchers and research funders in Canada. The more partners that Alberta Canola has in its research portfolio, the greater the leverage of grower dollars. In this manner the Alberta Canola works towards its mission of increasing the long term profitability of Alberta’s canola farmers.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit

Canola growers in Alberta that do not request a refund of their check off from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission qualify for a tax credit each year.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit allows canola growers to claim the tax credit for that portion of the check off paid that was used to fund qualifying research.

2017 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2016 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2015 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2014 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2013 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2012 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

2011 Tax Year SR&ED Credit

Upcoming Events

Canola Discovery Forum

This forum is all about cutting-edge canola innovation that is advancing sustainable, profitable canola production.
Oct 22 - Oct 23
Banff, Alberta

Clean Farms Alberta

Obsolete pesticide and livestock medication collection campaign
Oct 22 - Oct 26

Alberta Canola at Agri-Trade

Visit with Alberta Canola directors & staff along with Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialists.
Nov 7 - Nov 9
Red Deer, Alberta
  • Leaders Needed

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