Board Structure & Committees

Following the Annual General Meeting, Alberta Canola’s Board of Directors meets to elect the Chair, Vice-Chair, national representatives, and Committees. The Board meets four times each year and is guided in its decisions by the recommendations from Alberta Canola’s five committees:

Alberta Canola Chair: Roger Chevraux
Alberta Canola Vice-Chair: Ian Chitwood

*Alberta Canola Chair resides on all committees

Governance & Finance

The Governance and Finance Committee is responsible for all aspects of board governance, training, succession planning for the board and General Manager. Policy manual review as well as the annual performance reviews of the General Manager are the responsibility of this committee.

Committee Chair: Ian Chitwood
Mike Ammeter, John Mayko, Wayne Schneider, Charles Simoneau Roger Chevraux*

Government & Industry Affairs

The Government and Industry Affairs Committee is responsible for promoting canola grower interests at the local, provincial, and national levels. The committee will provide feedback to the Manager of Government & Industry Affairs on initial analysis in order to enrich discussion and development of at board meetings.

Committee Chair: Wayne Schneider
Mike Ammeter, Ian Chitwood, Andre Harpe, Justin Nanninga, Roger Chevraux*


The Research Committee provides guidance to Alberta Canola for research related activities. This includes meeting Alberta Canola’s goals for agronomic and product development research.  The broad goals for these areas are : find better ways  to grow canola, and find better ways to control pests and find news uses for canola oil and meal. The committee directs research funding through a number of national and provincial partnerships that allow them achieve their goals whilst getting the best leverage of grower dollars

Committee Chair: John Mayko
Dan Doll, Alan Hampton, Christine McKee, Justin Nanninga, Cale Staden, Roger Chevraux*

Grower Engagement & Extension

The Grower Engagement and Extension Committee is responsible for ensuring growers have access to agronomy, marketing and farm management information through its communications program along with event planning and sponsorship. The Committee is also committed to ensuring canola growers, the agriculture industry, and partners are informed of Alberta Canola Producers Commission’s goals, objectives and activities.

Committee Chair: Cale Staden
Dan Doll, Alan Hampton, Christine McKee, Wayne Schneider, Charles Simoneau, Roger Chevraux*

Public Engagement & Promotion

The Public Engagement and Promotion Committee has three main goals: to maintain existing canola markets, increase the demand for canola, and to expand awareness of agriculture, canola production and its role in society.

Committee Chair: Andre Harpe
Dan Doll, Alan Hampton, Christine McKee, Charles Simoneau, Cale Staden, Roger Chevraux*

National Representatives

Canola Council of Canada
Justin Nanninga
CCC Board of Directors

Canadian Canola Growers Association
Mike Ammeter, Roger Chevraux, Andre Harpe
CCGA Board of Directors

Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee
John Mayko

Canola Eat Well
Andre Harpe

Provincial Representatives

Team Alberta
Mike Ammeter

Agri-Environmental Partnership of Alberta
Wayne Schneider

AgSafe Alberta
Ian Chitwood

FarmTech Foundation of Alberta
Charles Simoneau

Upcoming Events

Alberta Agrisystems Living Lab Supper & Information Session

Interested in measuring the impact of beneficial management practices on profitability, productivity and sustainability? Look no further!
Oct 11
Lethbridge, Alberta

cleanfarms Collection - Peace Region

Cleanfarms will be in the Peace River region collecting unwanted agricultural pesticides and old livestock/equine medications for safe disposal at specific locations on certain dates.
Oct 12 - Oct 20
multiple locations, Alberta

Alberta Agrisystems Living Lab Supper & Information Session

Interested in measuring the impact of beneficial management practices on profitability, productivity and sustainability? Look no further!
Oct 12
Winfield, Alberta

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