Post Harvest Clubroot Scouting

October 10, 2013

No longer only the concern of Alberta canola growers, clubroot symptoms have been found in at least two Manitoba canola fields. This is a disease that, once established, is not easily controlled and is essentially impossible to eradicate. All canola growers in the Prairie Provinces need to be on the look out for this disease and should be taking steps to minimize the spread.

In this episode of the Canola School, Angela Brackenreed, agronomy specialist for Manitoba with the Canola Council of Canada, walks us through what you’re looking for in the canola crop, when to scout, where to send plant parts for testing, and why depending solely on genetic resistance to the disease is a mistake. What’s more, Brackenreed covers some biosecurity measures farmers, agronomists and anyone traveling in fields should take, plus she demonstrates proper sanitation of equipment (from shovels and soil probes, to cultivators and seeders).

As a reminder, any farmers purchasing equipment from out of province or from another area of the province would be well advised to spray down and sanitize equipment prior to moving the equipment home. If you didn’t, but haven’t used a piece of equipment yet, sanitizing in the home yard before using it in your fields is a must. To get a full grasp of the importance of sanitation, watch this epic video put out by the Canola Council of Canada.

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