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Night Spraying: Fungicides – Efficacy and crop tolerance of fungicides applied at distinct times of day

Lead Researcher Ken Coles
Co-Researcher(s) Brian Storozynsky, Kelly Turkington, Michael Harding, Ron Howard, Vance Yaremko
Start Date April 2013
End Date March 2015
Funding Partners Alberta Barley Commission, WGRF
Status Complete

The Challenge

Growers are faced with a short time frame for fungicide application which can be detrimental to efficacy due to weather conditions, environmental consequences and economic considerations.

The Project

Understand the relationship between environmental conditions and fungicide efficacy, with consideration to application timing at three distinct times throughout the day. Quantify potential yield effects, quality and return on investment resulting from the use of fungicides.

The Results

Unfortunately, disease pressure was low for the study, but the results were consistent and agreeable with other researchers; crops under low disease pressure are not likely to respond to fungicides in regards to higher yield potential. Application of fungicides during the day, night or dawn did not affect the efficacy on barley, wheat and canola.

Grower Benefits

Help growers save input costs by choosing fungicides based on potential yield advantages for fields with medium-high disease pressure.

Keywords: Fungicides, Fungicide application, Night spraying

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