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Approve of the concept to build a Nano and antibody based pathogen specific plant disease and monitoring device for agricultural pest management

Lead Researcher Xiujie (Susie) Li
Co-Researcher(s) James Xing, Jian Yang, Jie Chen
Start Date April 2012
End Date March 2014
Funding Partners ACIDF
Status Complete

The Challenge

Current plant disease forecasting models typically consist of using subjective assessments and slow spore trapping/pathogen culturing methods. This can limit the amount of data collected, with delayed results past the time that disease control methods can be made.

The Project

Using Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, determine if the conductivity of the nanoparticle-ascospore complexes is correlated with the number of spores as measured by electrical conductivity.

The Results

Positive linear correlation between the number of S. sclerotiorum ascospores and the conductivity of their antibody-spore-gold nanoparticle complex. Minimum 5 ascospores can also be detected by conductivity measurements. The device could potentially be species-specific in the future.

Grower Benefits

More research must be done in-field, but this device could help growers decide their potential risk for disease development. This measurement will support whether a fungicide application is necessary or not – in a timely matter.

Keywords: Sclerotinia, Monitoring device, Fungicide

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