Website Redevelopment – Request for Proposal

March 24, 2021

Alberta Canola is seeking proposals for modernizing the design and function of our primary website and our educational website

This RFP outlines our vision for the new sites. It includes some backgrounds, suggestions for improving the site, and desired technologies.

We recognize that we will not have all the answers in creating the best possible site and understand that details may be subject to change upon vendor recommendations of more optimal solutions.

We also recognize that potential vendors may need to conduct further research to identify these optimal solutions. Should this be the case, please include (and cost) in your proposal any necessary research you would need to conduct in order to provide the services within the scope of this project.

The ideal and preferred vendor will bring its own ideas and vision based on industry expertise, technical capability, and client relations, and will be forward-looking, guiding us to incorporate our goals into that vision considering available resources.

Closing date is Friday, April 16, 2021

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