Notice to Growers: Final Alberta Education Public Forum Regarding the New Drafted K-6 Curriculum

December 14, 2021

Last chance for change! The Ag Industry needs your support December 16, 2021 at the final Alberta Education Public Forum regarding the new drafted K-6 curriculum! 

Did you know??? 

This means most elected officials, public servants, and future decision makers do not understand the complexity of the agriculture industry. 

Agricultural content needs to be incorporated in Alberta’s K-12 curriculum.Improving food literacy for young Albertans is key to growing a strong sustainable agricultural sector in the future, which feeds our communities, advances health and nutrition, and encourages science-based stewardship of our natural resources.  

The last of the public forums is fast approaching. To learn more about this issue check refer to: Overview and Key Themes. To register for the online session refer to:December 16, 2021 (7-8:15 pm MST).

Our Agriculture and Education Coordinator, TaraBaycroft would appreciate farmers helping to bring ourgroups key messages forward.These public forum sessions group comments by popularity, so we need numbers to help raise our ask to the top. 

Our groups key messages:  

  1. Agriculture needs to be included in Alberta’s education curriculum across all grades and applicable subjects. 
  2. To request the establishment of an agriculture and natural resources education advisory group to collaborate with Alberta Education on curriculum development. The advisory group would include the following stakeholders: Alberta Education; Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development (AFRED); Ag for Life; Inside Education, Team Alberta; and the Intensive Livestock Working Group (ILWG). The stakeholders would collaboratively vet industry experts and include them as required. 

The commissions are in this for the long game, but needs producers support. For additional information and to learn more, please refer to our letter to the Minister of Education.

Attached you will find the following for your reference to prepare:

  1. The Key Message Map (our group’s 3 key messages we would like to repeat December 16, 2021 with supporting evidence you can reference and bring up in your submissions ).
  2. An Overview and Background Information Sheet to Prepare for the Public Forum.

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