New Federal Budget Contains Elements of Special Interest to Canola Farmers

March 20, 2019

Canadian Canola Growers Association media release

Winnipeg, Manitoba – March 20, 2019   Yesterday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled the 2019-20 federal government budget, which included several items of special interest to farmers. Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) welcomes the inclusion of some elements that respond to issues raised by the association, as well as others that will provide near or longer-term benefits for canola farmers, including:

  • a commitment to review the Canada Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Commission;
  • investment in expanded broadband service to rural Canada;
  • consultations on expanding the carbon fuel tax exemption to include fuel delivered at cardlock facilities;
  • support for a national agri-food branding initiative to “Make Canadian Food the Top Choice at Home and Abroad” as part of the funding allocated to a national Food Policy; and
  • flexibility to specified corporate income and eligibility for the small business tax.

“We’re pleased to see the budget contains investments and proposals that build competitiveness for our rural-based farm businesses,” says Bernie McClean, President of CCGA and a farmer from northeast Saskatchewan. “Improved internet access and enhanced broadband speeds will help farmers adopt innovations that increasingly require interconnectivity.”

“We are encouraged by the budget’s focus on regulatory modernization and look forward to the regulatory roadmap for the agri-food sector,” says Rick White, CEO of CCGA. “The review of the Canada Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Commission is timely and CCGA will work to ensure that the outcomes work for the interest of farmers.”

 CCGA represents canola farmers on national and international issues, policies and programs that impact farm profitability.

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission is a farmer directed organization representing Alberta’s 14,000 canola growers and is a member of the Canadian Canola Growers Association.

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