National farm organizations form Agriculture Carbon Alliance

March 1, 2021

Agriculture Carbon Alliance media release

March 1, 2021 -In light of recent federal announcements regarding the price of carbon, a national coalition of industry-wide farm organizations have formed the Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA).

The ACA was established to ensure that Canadian farmers’ sustainable practices are recognized through a policy environment that maintains their competitiveness, supports their livelihoods, and leverages their critical role as stewards of the land.

The ACA will work proactively on behalf of Canadian agriculture to advocate for constructive and evidence-based policies regarding carbon pricing, offsets, retrofit funding, and related environmental policies. The alliance will also function as a resource for the federal government and, in particular, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) regarding solutions-oriented strategies to ensure the industry remains competitive, both at home and around the world.

By advocating for the contributions that farmers have made to a greener Canada, the ACA will provide a unified voice to ECCC. The alliance’s coast-to-coast representation are ready to come to the table to build consensus around environmental best management practices, and practical options for offsets, rebates and exemptions.

The ACA will supplement this important work by initiating critical research, analysis and information sharing focused on supporting the continued growth and sustainability of Canadian agriculture.

Farmers have a history of rapidly adopting new technologies that have proven to soften their environmental footprint while protecting their profitability. Sharing the story of Canadian agriculture’s history of innovation will be an important part of ACA’s advocacy.

To date, ACA members include Canadian Canola Growers Association, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Grain Growers of Canada, Canadian Pork Council, Egg Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Canadian Horticultural Council, and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers.

The ACA is co-chaired by Dave Carey, vice-president, government and industry relations, Canadian Canola Growers Association and Scott Ross, assistant executive director, Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

For more information:
Cole Christensen
Communications Consultant
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