Information on Proposed Phase Out of Insecticide Matador

August 25, 2017

On June 23rd, 2017, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) released its proposed re-evaluation decision for Lambda-cyhalothrin, an insecticide most commonly known as Matador, from Syngenta. Lambda-cyhalothrin is the most widely used foliar insecticide for canola and an important tool for farmers to grow safe and healthy food. It is used to control a broad spectrum of insects such as flea beetles, cutworms, bertha armyworms and diamondback moths. The proposed re-evaluation recommends a complete phase out of Lambda-cyhalothrin.

The proposed re-evaluation is open for comment until September 21st. The registrant is reviewing the proposed re-evaluation and has outlined several concerns to the Canola Council of Canada (CCC) and Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). The CCGA and the CCC are coordinating with provincial grower members to provide detailed submissions to the PMRA. These submissions will outline the value of this insecticide for canola growers and how forthcoming data should be considered by the PMRA so that a final decision is based on the best possible information. The CCGA and the CCC will also be sharing these concerns with policy makers in Ottawa as part of their ongoing outreach.

Call for farmer action:

Send a letter to PMRA to express how you will be directly affected by the removal of this product (click here for a letter template developed by Grain Growers of Canada)

Talk to your local MP and share the following:

  • Farmers have been hit by a series of surprise proposed re-evaluation decisions in the last eighteen months from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) that is part of Health Canada. A recent example is the proposed decision to withdraw all uses of the insecticide Matador, also known as Lambda-cyhalothrin. This proposed decision will take away a widely-used product that protects canola from being eaten by insects.
  • Farmers believe that there is a common sense path forward that can be taken by government :
  1. Ensure that the PMRA has a specific responsibility to farmers’ competitiveness. Farmers rely on the PMRA to provide access to safe tools needed to protect our crops and stay in line with global competitors.
  2. Make decisions based on the best possible information. There needs to be flexibility on timing so that new data can be considered.
  3. Align regulatory efforts in Canada with the US and other trading partners. As 90% of our canola is exported, this needs to be a priority again.

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