Farmers: Your voice is needed on plant breeding innovation

April 15, 2021

Share your support during the Health Canada consultation

​​Right now, ​​Canada’s farmers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of agriculture innovation. Our country has long been a leader in crop innovation — take canola, for example — but our current regulations around plant breeding innovations lag behind countries like Japan, Australia, and the U.S. The future competitiveness and sustainability of our grain farms relies on a regulatory system that supports new plant breeding techniques, like gene editing.

You can help advance plant breeding innovation in Canada by taking one minute to share your voice with the Government of CanadaGo to Advancing Agriculture to take action and send your email today.

Health Canada is currently holding a consultation on new regulatory guidance around plant breeding innovation, like gene editing. The new guidance will have a huge impact on the type of investment, research, and commercialization that will be made in Canada:

  • The outcome of these consultations will directly impact which new seed varieties are introduced in Canada for the foreseeable future. It’s an opportunity to gain access to new, better, and more innovative seed varieties.
  • Farmers could have more seed varieties to choose from, from more companies. Flexible and transparent regulations could allow small and medium-sized plant breeding companies to innovate and compete in a space that was cost-prohibitive​​ before gene editing technologies came to market.
  • Our competitors, some ​of which are listed above, have already adopted risk-based regulatory frameworks and their farmers are starting to see access to new varieties not available in Canada. A regulatory system that encourages innovation is critical for farm competitiveness and enabling growth in a global market.

Learn more about the economic, environmental, and consumer benefits of agricultural innovations like gene editing at Nature Nurtured.

Read more about Health ​Canada’s Consultation: Proposed new guidance for Novel Food Regulations focused on plant breeding.​

Thanks to the Canadian Canola Growers Association for generously sharing this content.

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