Canola Watch – May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021

Canola Quiz – Slow Emergence

Four questions related to slow emergence of canola and the risks this can present.

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Take a soil temperature test before seeding
Warm air temperature doesn’t always equal warm soil temperature. Seeding into cold soils can increase risk to seedling disease and can both delay and reduce percent emergence. Take a seed-bed soil temperature test to determine your soil temperature. Take two readings — one in the morning and another in the evening — and develop an average temperature from that data. Be aware that areas with heavy residue cover can skew field averages as the soil will be cooler here. Quick emergence occurs when canola is seeded above a temperature of 6°C. Other details and rules of thumb on taking a soil temperature test can be found by watching the video above and in the Canola Encyclopedia.

Record-keeping best tool to fight herbicide carryover
Attractive prices can cause some growers to make last-minute rotation changes in favour of canola. Fields should always maintain a minimum two-year break between canola crops to reduce the risk of infection from diseases like clubroot and blackleg. Depending on what was sprayed in your field last year, last-minute rotation changes can also leave canola fields at risk of crop injury from herbicide carryover. Canola Encyclopedia as a list here, Good herbicide record-keeping is essential.

Make sure tank mixes are happy together
Weeds are starting to grow, meaning it’s time to scout to identify them and apply an appropriate pre-seed burnoff. Use at least two effective modes of action to minimize the risk of herbicide resistance. This Canola Encyclopedia article and this Canola Watch article feature information on pre-seed burnoff timing and appropriate tank mixes.

Tips for safe seed-placed fertilizer
Small-seeded crops such as canola are generally more sensitive to seed-placed fertilizer than larger seeds. There should be no more than 20 lb./ac. of phosphate in the canola seed row under ideal soil conditions. Place all other fertilizer, including extra required phosphate, in a side- or mid-row band where it will not harm germinating seeds. How much fertilizer does canola need?

Scouting Checklist

Here are common canola crop management issues to look for this time of year.

How to Scout
Management options

Herbicide history (and carryover risk)
How to Scout
Management options

Soil moisture
Management options

Soil nutrient status
How to check
Management options

Scout old residue for pycnidia
Management options

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