Canola Watch – April 13, 2016

April 14, 2016

Controlling cleavers? Read this advisory on quinclorac

The member companies of the Western Grains Elevator Association and the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association have individually advised that they will not accept delivery of canola grown and harvested in 2016 that has been treated with quinclorac, a pesticide used to control cleavers. Growers are encouraged to speak with their local elevator or processor for additional details.


Need to know: Phosphorus (P)

Canola removes more phosphate than other crops, and studies show that phosphate fertilizer rates have lagged crop removal for years. The result, says soil fertility expert Ross McKenzie, is that about 80% of Prairie fields are deficient in phosphorus.


Need to know: Sulphur (S)

Sulphur deficiency stem leaf cupping

Growers understand the need for S in canola, but more frequent production of canola and higher yields have been drawing down soil levels. Soil fertility expert Ross McKenzie estimates that at least 40% of soils across Western Canada are S deficient.


Need to know: Potassium (K)

Yellowing at leaf margins is typical of potassium deficiency.

Sandier soils with low clay levels are more likely to be at or near deficiency levels. Ross McKenzie estimates that about 20 to 25% of Prairie soils are K deficient, and overall soil K levels are in a slow decline.


Spring soil tests

Spring soil tests are the most accurate in predicting the soil nutrient situation at seeding time. Labs may be able to provide results within a few days or a week, so spring tests can be done without holding up the seeding process.


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