Canola Growers Affirm Commitment to the Canola Council of Canada

January 17, 2018



The Canadian Prairies – January 17, 2018   The canola grower members of the Canola Council of Canada fully appreciate the value they receive from the Canola Council of Canada for the substantial grower dollars they contribute and will continue to work to move the organization forward.

The non-sales based agronomy support that the Council provides to industry is one of the reasons the canola industry in western Canada is so resilient. The science based support they provide to company agronomists and farmers will keep canola a profitable and sustainable crop on Canadian farms for years to come.

The international marketing and promotion efforts of the Council have increased the demand for the great product we grow on our farms and have helped our export partners create and maintain inroads into many international markets. The Council’s market access efforts, which have included working with the highest levels of government, have kept our product moving to our international customers.

By working together as a value chain, the Council has helped our industry access over $40 million of research funding in the past 15 years. This investment has driven innovative research that has addressed the challenges we have in growing this successful crop. The Council’s administration of additional grower funded research has increased efficiency while fostering collaboration across the provinces.

Our organizations will continue to work with the Canola Council Board of Directors to ensure that the services and support our growers want from the Council continue in the most efficient manner possible.  Every farmer and company in the canola industry benefits from the success of the Canola Council of Canada and we urge all in the value chain to play their part.

Alberta Canola, SaskCanola, Manitoba Canola Growers and the Canadian Canola Growers Association represent 40,000 canola growers in Canada and are collectively the largest funding group of the Canola Council of Canada.

Greg Sears, Chair
Alberta Canola

Charles Fossay, President
Manitoba Canola Growers Association

Doyle Wiebe, Chair

Jack Froese, President
Canadian Canola Growers Association


Renn Breitkreuz, Chair, Alberta Canola (new Chair effective January 30, 2018)
t: 780.905.2440  e: [email protected]

Charles Fossay, President, MCGA
t: 204.781.9843  e: [email protected]

Ellen Grueter, Communications Manager, SaskCanola
t: 306.380.4016  e: [email protected]

Kelly Green, Director of Communications, CCGA
t: 204.789.8821  e: [email protected]

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