Bill 9: Proposed Changes to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act

April 13, 2017

NOTICE TO ALBERTA CANOLA PRODUCERS – Bill 9: Proposed Changes to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act 

Alberta Canola was Alberta’s first refundable checkoff Commission and it has no intentions of changing.

The Government of Alberta has recently introduced amendments to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act that would restore the ability for producers of a agricultural product to conduct a plebiscite in order to use a non-refundable model.

The farmer Directors of Alberta Canola recognize that while this might be sought after in other parts of the agriculture industry, Alberta Canola will continue to be funded by canola growers through a refundable check-off.

The refund rate for Alberta Canola is below 7 percent of collected check-offs each year. The complete audited financial statements of Alberta Canola can be found in the Annual Reports at

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