AgCoalition seeks more information and transparency on Bill 6 consultations following announcement from the Government of Alberta

May 20, 2016

(Calgary, Alberta), May 20, 2016 –The AgCoalition says more information is required on the terms of reference and mandate of the Bill 6 consultation tables before it can determine if the process is likely to result in regulations that make sense for those who will be affected the most: farmers, ranchers and their employees.

After seeing the complete participant list following today’s announcement, the AgCoalition believes there are still a number of unanswered questions about whether the process will operate with a mandate to develop regulations that will reflect the needs of Alberta’s agriculture community.

“Knowing the terms of reference, leadership and expertise of the table members is key information going into this process,” said Kent Erickson, AgCoalition Co-Chair. “We believe that our members need to know whether they will be on a level playing field to develop regulations that increase the safety of farms and ranches in Alberta for their families and workers.”

“We firmly believe that the best way for the government to engage the agriculture industry is to build processes that are supported by transparency and inclusion,” said Page Stuart, AgCoalition Co-Chair. “We’re looking to government to demonstrate their willingness to work collaboratively with Alberta’s farmers, ranchers and their employees.”

The AgCoalition has been informed that it will fill 23 of the 72 seats at the consultation sessions.

The AgCoalition will continue to represent farmers, ranchers and their employees on a productive path forward to strengthen the producer voice throughout the consultation process and to build on farm and ranch safety practices.

The AgCoalition was established on January 22nd, 2016 with a mandate to unify the farm and ranch community in an effort to foster a culture of farm safety in Alberta.

Media Contact:
Victoria Russell
Communications Specialist
[email protected]

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The Alberta Canola Producers Commission is a member of the Ag Coalition

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