ACPC is Supportive of New Canola Strategy that Focuses on Meeting Demand

January 9, 2014

The Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC) supports the new targets announced today by the Canola Council of Canada says ACPC Chair Colin Felstad.

The Canola Council, which announced its new “52 by 2025 KEEP IT COMING” strategy in Winnipeg today, is focused on meeting growing demand for canola oil, seed and meal over the next 10 years.

“The 52 refers to a new goal of increasing the average yield to 52 bushels per acre.” says Felstad. “ We feel strongly that we can reach that level of production in Alberta and in doing so increase the long term profitability of growers in this province.”

“It’s very clear that the demand for our crop is going to continue to grow over the next 10 years.” says Felstad. “And having that demand pull will be key in the canola industry working towards these new 2025 targets.”

Felstad is referring the Canola Council of Canada’s newly announced targets of 26 million tonnes of canola production from a 22 million acre crop by 2025 to meet the global demand for high quality, healthy oils.

“The canola value chain that is represented by the Canola Council has never been about production for production sakes, but about meeting demand in a sustainable way.” says Felstad. “We have to meet customer needs in a way that allows farmers and other industry players to make a profit. It’s the only way it will happen.”

The Canola Council of Canada KEEP IT COMING strategy can be found at

The ACPC represents the 15,000 canola farmers in Alberta and is a member of the Canola Council of Canada.

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Ward Toma
General Manager
Alberta Canola Producers Commission

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