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One of the goals of the Canola Council of Canada’s strategic plan is to reach an average yield of 52 bu/ac by 2025. It is a bold and achievable target, aimed at meeting the growing global demand for canola products. The key is a better understanding of the best agronomic practices for every soil zone and every field – plus ongoing improvements to canola seed. The average yield at the time of strategic plan development was 34 bu/ac. Tools housed in this site are all targeted to improve the yield and profitability of Canadian canola growers.

Plant Density and Seeding Rate calculators:

By 2025, the CCC estimates that improvements in plant establishment can increase average yields by 3 bu/ac. The stand establishment calculators here aim to drive a deeper understanding of plant density and seeding rate targets, and will assist growers in making decisions that improve their yield in a profitable, tangible way. If you are looking for further information about any of the factors listed, look for the Information Icon icon or visit the Canola Encyclopedia Crop Establishment section.

Additional sources of information:

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