Short-term Grain Bag Storage

November 1, 2013

Feasibility of Bag Storage System for Canola Under Prairie Conditions

Principal investigator: Digvir S. Jayas, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Collaborators: Noel D.G. White Research Assistants: Chelladurai Vellaichamy, Fuji Jian

Published: “Feasibility of Storing Canola in Harvest Bags (Silo Bags) under Western Canadian Prairie Conditions: Preliminary Results”. In the Proceedings of the CSBE/ SCGAB 2011 Annual Conference, Winnipeg, MB, 10-13 July 2011.

“Harvest Bags for Grain Storage: An Overview and Review of Current Research”. In the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Food Technology, IICPT, Thanjavur, TN, India. 4-5 January 2013.

Storing dry canola for a short duration is the best way to use harvest bags under Prairie conditions. Dry canola seeds can be stored for up to eight months and 12 percent moisture content canola can be stored for up to five months without any significant change in quality or grade using harvest bags during autumn and winter. Canola above 12 percent moisture should be stored for only three to four weeks in the harvest bags to avoid quality and quantity losses.

Digvir Jayas with the University of Manitoba led the study. For the first year, canola of eight, 10, and 14 percent moisture was loaded into the bags in October 2010 and unloaded approximately 10 months later. Samples were collected every two weeks. Seeds with eight and 10 percent moisture had not changed significantly in quality over the 10 months. Canola with 14 percent moisture had germination drop to below 50 percent and fatty acid value (FAV) double after 16 weeks.

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