Seeding between rows improves stand establishment

November 13, 2015

KEY PRACTICE: Seeding into bare soil between the previous year’s stubble rows will improve canola germination and plant establishment without increasing seed costs.

PROJECT TITLE, LEAD RESEARCHER: “Seeding Between the Lines: evaluating the potential of inter-row seeding for canola in southern Alberta,” 2011-14, Ken Coles, Farming Smarter


Highly accurate GPS guidance and automated steering have given producers the ability to seed between the stubble rows from previous crops. This practice may allow for improved canola emergence due to more accurate seed placement, improved seed to soil contact, improved micro-climate, higher soil temperatures and seedling protection from more standing stubble.

In previous studies, Farming Smarter found that seeding on-row significantly reduced plant stand establishment in canola compared to seeding between the row and check plots. Also, canola yield was significantly higher with Pillar Lasers disc/hoe openers compared to Stealth paired row, and canola yield was not affected by row placement.

Open the PDF to read the entire research summary from the 2015 Science Issue of Canola Digest

You can also read the 2015 Science Issue of Canola Digest as a flipbook

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