Reseed when fewer than two plants per square foot

November 13, 2015

KEY PRACTICE: Reseeding is more likely to provide an economic benefit when the plant population is below 20 per square metre (two per square foot), when the timing is early June at the latest, and when growers reseed to the same or a similar hybrid.

PROJECT TITLE, LEAD RESEARCHER: “Response of canola to low plant populations and evaluation of reseeding options,” 2010-12, Anne Kirk, Western Applied Research Corporation


While hybrid canola has a high degree of phenotypic plasticity that allows it to compensate for low plant populations, growers need to know when the population is likely too low to compensate for the reduced plant stand. Reseeding is more likely to provide an economic benefit when: the population is below 20 plants per square metre (two per square foot); the timing is early June at the latest; and growers reseed the same or a similar hybrid.

Objectives of this project were to determine: (1) the plant population at which canola hybrids yield 90 percent of maximum; (2) the effect of plant population on maturity, seed size and green seed; (3) the minimum plant density at which reseeding would be recommended for hybrid canola; and (4) the risks with each reseeding option in terms of maturity, yield and quality.

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