Precise seed-to-seed spacing not necessary for canola

November 13, 2015

KEY PRACTICE: The key step in seed placement is to achieve the overall target population with some aspect of uniform distribution and depth. Precision tools to enhance seed spacing in the row provide little evident economic benefit.

PROJECT TITLE, LEAD RESEARCHER: “Seeding rates for precision seeded canola,” 2012-14, Gazali Issah, Western Applied Research Corporation


A general principle in nature is that uniform distribution within a plant community increases plant biomass and productivity compared with non-uniform distribution. This is because of the availability of resources such as light, soil water, and organic carbon. However, more uniform spacing of canola seeds in the seed row does not seem to improve seed survival or overall yield. The goal of seed placement is to achieve the overall target population with some aspect of uniform distribution. This study found that equipment used to provide more precise seed spacing down the row did not provide a benefit over a more basic metering system using the same openers.

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