Pest Management

November 1, 2013

Detection, Surveillance and Management of Weed, Insect and Disease Pests that Threaten the Economic Viability of Crop Production and the Environmental Health of Prairie Agro-Ecosystems

Principle investigators: Owen Olfert and Bob Elliott, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon, SK

Collaborators: Hector Carcamo, Julia Leeson, Debra McLaren, Jennifer Otani, Gary Peng, Julie Soroka, Kelly Turkington

Published: Over the three years, 61 scientific papers, review articles and proceedings were derived from the study.

This study detected, monitored and managed various weed, disease and insect pests to find new ways to reduce their threat to the economic production of canola and the environmental health of Prairie agro-ecosystems. The study enhanced the potential for producers to successfully use integrated management of cyclical native pests and an increasing number of invasive species.

The ultimate aim is to develop novel assessment technologies and crop management tools for control of insects, weeds and diseases in canola. The study had four objectives: (1) develop and implement field surveillance technologies and laboratory assays; (2) develop novel forecast and risk assessment technologies; (3) determine ecological, biological, climatological and crop management relationships that influence pest status; and (4) develop new alternative integrated control and mitigation tactics.

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