Diversity key to blackleg resistance stewardship

November 13, 2015

KEY PRACTICE: Diversity of cultivar resistance, crop rotation and fungicide usage can prevent both infection and breakdown of blackleg resistance.

PROJECT TITLE, LEAD RESEARCHER: “Blackleg Resistance Stewardship: Improving our management of host resistance,” 2010-14, Dilantha Fernando, University of Manitoba


Leptosphaeria maculans, the fungal pathogen that causes blackleg in canola, is a limiting factor of canola production in Western Canada. Although resistant cultivars are widely used to control this disease, the breakdown of canola’s genetic resistance, the emergence of new blackleg races, market restrictions, and economic losses are increasing and important concerns to growers.

Open the PDF to read the entire research summary from the 2015 Science Issue of Canola Digest

You can also read the 2015 Science Issue of Canola Digest as a flipbook

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