Canola versus soybean meal: a new protein source in feedlots?

August 28, 2017

As many ranchers know – what we feed our cattle is in direct relation to what sort of performance they achieve.

Within the last few years producers have found that soybean meal is a great option for cows, as it provides the proper nutrients they require.

However, if you’re a canola grower, you may find the latest research interesting: canola meal is a close equivalent to soybean meal when it comes to the overall performance from the cattle.

Adriane Goode of the University of Saskatchewan has been looking at the comparison between the two, and what sort of benefits canola meal could bring to the table.

“What I’ve found throughout feedlot trials and my metabolism trials is that canola meal is pretty much similar to soybean meal in growth effects, in carcass quality, and in total diet digestibility. Which is a really good thing for canola producers because it means we are equal to the gold standard for protein supplements worldwide. And that gold standard is soybean meal,” explains Goode.

She says there has been plenty of research in dairy, poultry, and swine when it comes to soybean versus canola meal, which is what made her decide to take a look at beef – where there hasn’t been so much research.

Goode adds that she sees plenty of growth and expansion in these findings in the near future.

To learn more about the findings of Goode’s soybean versus canola meal research, check out this video filmed at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Calgary, Alberta:

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